Surviving Trauma School Earth

A Practical Guide to Survival on the Earth Plane
“Brent Baum has masterfully discovered a part of the equation linking medicine and Somatic (body-centered) psychology: the power of the mind to impact our body’s physiology, to aid one in resolving memory-based pathology by empowering the “healer within.” Utilizing these effective techniques has profoundly influenced my practice, and it is my hope that his massage continues to transform the lives of patients and practitioners alike." Mary Gaddy, M.D. Neurologist
“It sounds like a cliche ́ to say, ‘This book will revolutionize your life.’ The truth is though, that reading this book could easily have that effect ... if you let it. Surviving Trauma School Earth gives you the ‘big picture’ view of the human experience as well as practical tools to bring about change in your life ... In short, this book is a “must- read” for anyone seriously interested in the healing of the self or helping others to recover their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.” Dr. Symeon Rodger