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Level 1 - Zoom Online Training


Live Streaming HMR Zoom Workshop

Date & Time:

February 26-27, 2022
Sat. and Sun. - 9:00am - 5:00pm CST
Lunch Break - Noon -1:30pm


Level One training in HMR is designed for you to learn the basics of trauma imprinting and techniques for resolution as applied to “level 1” or single event stress and trauma imprinting in the psyche. Whether you are interested in learning the principles for personal healing and spiritual growth, to improve your parenting skills and educational awareness of trauma, or are planning to integrate HMR into a professional capacity, the workshop is designed to offer you a practical understanding of these dynamics and the breakthroughs that enable the “emotional reframing” of stressful and traumatic experiences.

This basic training (the first of 3 towards certification offered in HMR), offers you the following: awakening to the profound impact of trauma on personal and collective evolution, an understanding of the principles of trauma induction and storage in your body-mind, methods for gaining safe access to memory without abreaction or re-live, “clean-language” principles for gently accessing and reframing your memories, and breakthroughs that support the successful “emotional reframing” of the content of memory.

You will be instructed in the verbal technique, provided options for enhancing safety and enabling the affective bridge needed to transmit “proof of safety” to the 95% subconscious mind which holds the memory. You will learn grounding techniques to enable the gentle integration of traumatic experiences into present time awareness where safety can be established and confirmed. You will also be instructed in “clean language skills,” voice modulation, breathing techniques for integrating “proof of safety,” and grounding exercises to enable the integration of the changes that can occur by releasing trauma from the body-mind.


Cost: $250 (Audit: $100)
Continuing Education Units available as NAADAC Provider 16105

Contact Info:

Beverly Meland (National HMR Coordinator)
(224) 558-4342

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Available to attendees who complete the course:
6 months free access to Level 1 Course at www.hmrtraining.com

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