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Committed to Reducing the Presence and Impact of Trauma in our World

Introducing a New Approach:
"Holographic Memory Resolution®"
For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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2018 Event and Training Schedule

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March 15-19 Retreat Chatawa, MS For More Info
April 20-22 Level 1-2 Minneapolis/St. Paul For More Info
June 21 Presentation Highland Park, IL For More Info
June 22-24 Level 1-2 Naperville (Chicago), IL For More Info
July 12 Presentation Chicago, IL For More Info
July 13-15 Healing Intensive Chicago, IL For More Info
August 1-5 IDAA Conference Reno, NV For More Info
August 22 Presentation Baton Rouge, LA For More Info
August 24-26 Healing Intensive Baton Rouge, LA For More Info
September 21-23 Level 1-2 Tucson, AZ For More Info
October 19-21 CAIET Conference Toronto, Canada For More Info
November 2-4 Level 3 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN For More Info
December 3-5 Healing Intensive Oro Valley (Tucson), AZ For More Info