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Introducing a New Approach:
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For The Emotional Reframing of Memory

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Surviving Trauma School Earth

A Practical Guide to Emotional Survival on the Earth Plane
By Brent Baum

In his latest book, Surviving Trauma School Earth, Brent shares techniques and discoveries that assist us on our sojourn through “trauma school.” After working with over twenty thousand trauma survivors, he developed certain meditations, exercises, and emotional reframing techniques to enhance recovery and reduce the impact of stress and trauma in our daily lives. Trauma forms the backdrop for our personal and collective awakening as a species. Its profound impact on the bodymind necessitates greater self-care and the routine “reframing” of our physical and emotional pain. As we learn to clear these blockages, our potential, purpose, and gifts are revealed – offering safety and the innate guidance needed to navigate the challenging paths of the “earth school.” Moving from a “survive” to “thrive” mentality is the focus of this work.

Living as Light

The Awakening of Mystical Consciousness
By Brent Baum

In his second book, Living As Light, Brent shares his account of personal healing and spiritual awakening that occurred through the “emotional reframing” techniques that he developed. As we resolve our traumatic imprints, we open to our true spiritual potential and discover our luminous natures. By mastering our states of consciousness, we discover our innate capacity to bring light to those moments of our lives where Consciousness was trapped through trauma and overwhelm. Trauma, addiction, and loss form the backdrop for the awakening of our mystical, healing natures. As we resolve the distorted messages of “ego,” our full creative power emerges, revealing our capacity for true intimacy, abundance, health, and manifestation. The awakening of the “mystic within” is the focus of this work.

The Healing Dimensions

Resolving Trauma in Body, Mind and Spirit
By Brent Baum

In his first book, The Healing Dimensions, Brent reveals his discovery of the principles of “Holographic Memory Resolution®” — a breakthrough in the “emotional reframing” of trauma, which led to his involvement with Oklahoma City Bombing rescue personnel and survivors, as well as the staff of TWA Flight 800 and many other traumas of the last two decades. His success in helping to resolve memory-based pain led to his affiliation with the Integrative Wellness programs of Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona and at Miraval in Northwest Tucson, AZ. In this work, Brent focuses on his discoveries in the fields of Somatic and Energy Psychology that help to resolve the multidimensional impact of addiction, abuse, and trauma on the psyche. The empowerment of the “healer within” is the principal theme of this work. This work is particularly helpful for children of alcoholics and those impacted by addiction.

Techniques for Resolving Trauma in Body, Mind & Spirit

By Brent Baum

This Set of Audiofiles includes the 15 principal exercises and meditations that Brent teaches for stress and trauma resolution, including an introduction for each exercise and suggestions for application. This includes: Safe Scene, Medicine/Angel Wheel (for protection and healing), Blue Light (headaches/stress reduction and body scan), both Level 1 (single scene) and Level 2 (trauma pattern) reframes, Reparenting (archetypal reframe of parenting and childhood), Individuation and Reclamation (for the healing and closure of relationships), and the 12-Chakra Meditation.